The sound of the MPC 2000XL in a rack mount box. I love the portamento feature on this machine. You can speed the sample up and down while it’s playing! This is awesome for mangling longer piano loops and such. Also it has great sample editing features, much more advanced than the S1000. Make a 10s recording and extract interesting chops out of it. I use it mainly for old preset sounds like house organs, S900 lofi stuff and for trippy chopped up vinyl, tape and CD loops. When it first arrived, it had the infamous „harddisk loading“ skip error, so I had to replace the SCSI fuse. While I was at it, I also upgraded the EPROM to OS 2.0. The old floppy drive was replaced by a Gotek USB Drive with OLED screen. The last indeed very necessary mod was replacing the backlight and inverter with an iPhone backlight.