Mapex Snare on Akai S1000
Mixed on Yamaha desk, recorded through Art Pro MPAII tube amp in 48khz/24 bit.
6 samples (3 top, 3 bottom, 3 gain stages) in 12 velocity, modulation and filter layers, triggered by MPC 500, pitched on S1000 from -08 to +12.

Jazzy Guitar Chords on TX16W recorded from tape
LoFi 12bit samples

Yamaha RX15 Drumkit for Sitala:
LoFi drummachine from 84 sampled into Yamaha TX16W (16khz, 12bit, Pitch -7)

Fame DD602 Samplepack:
The DD602 is a low budget drumbrain, I sampled it into my AKAI S1000

Korg X5 Drumkit for Sitala:
Recording Chain: Korg X5 -> DI Box -> Art Pro MPA II Tube Amp -> NI Komplete Audio 6 (48khz 24bit) -> 2x Speed in Reaper -> AKAI S1000 (44khz 16bit)-> Phonic Mixer -> NI Komplete Audio 6 (48khz 24bit)