This was my introduction to the hardware sampling world. I bought it around 2017 for 40€ for my band as a live sample playback device, but it was only used in this position once (where it did not work, but I blame it on the sound guy). Afterwards it rested in my homestudio rack, because I switched to an MPC500 for live purposes. There it was used for sound experiments with a Boss HM2 pedal, for lofi resampling, 808 basses and Amen breaks. But I could never get used to the endless menu diving on the tiny LCD, it was just too tedious. I also tried using Mesa on an old XP machine, but it was too unreliable and that PC went to the rehearsal room. So when I got the chance to buy a cheap S3000XL(which is a S2000 with big screen, basically), I could not resist and sold it on ebay.