This sampler is a dream come true for me. I got it for 100 bucks in medium condition and refurbished it as good as I could. Now it has a new LED screen, scsi2sd drive, a new power supply, a new 5v fan, new xlr jacks, and chickenhead buttons for that sick soviet test equipment look. Also, I replaced the contrast and power buttons with black buttons from my broken DD1000 for extra character! The interface and synth features are not as advanced as those in the S3000XL, but for a machine from 1988, it still feels very modern, just like a simple VST plugin. Sampled synths are coloured in a very nice and subtle way, it always adds its own character to the sound. Also, this sampler is a beast for sampling drums. Overdrive the inputs for that oldschool crunch. It is also possible to transfer samples from PC using an SD card. In my hardware live setup, it serves mainly as an allround drum machine. Creating sounds on it always inspires new tracks, and 4mb of RAM forces me to use my sampling time wisely!